Howdy and welcome to ryolah artsy blog. If you read “about us” info you would find out that I am a self-representing beginner artist. You would also know that it took me a long time to get to this point. Today, I am proud that I finally do what I love to do. When I started “dedicative” painting two years ago I had a hard time finding right materials and places to get them. I wish I had found a helping source that would give me hints and tips that would lead me to the right choices. So, I decided to start a blog to help out those who want to start painting and need help. I will be talking about paint, required materials, techniques and much more to give you an idea on how you can bravely start and continue your artist fascinating journey. This is a sharing knowledge blog not teaching. Remember, I am still new at this so we’ll grow together. I can guarantee it will be fun.

I truly believe that the artist is the one who is expressing and sharing their views and feelings through their creations. If you have the will and imagination you can do anything. Have fun!

where to begin..?

If you want to start painting and not sure what medium to use , the best answer would be is to try them all. Considering a high price tag on painting supplies, I would suggest starting with studios and workshops first. This way you can have plenty of experience with different mediums without investing in supplies. Look for studio in your area that will offer affordable classes and give you a freedom in making decision of what medium to use. I attended a studio for about 5 months and our teacher was amazing. She allowed us to work with different mediums and also to work on our own projects. To me, it felt like a private lesson every time. I explored paints, styles, tricks, techniques, and lined up my personal likes and dislikes about all subjects.

Browse the internet or search YouTube for painting techniques and discover your favourite artist. Visit their website to familiarize yourself with their work. Most of artists provide free video lessons that you can subscribe for. My suggestion is to subscribe for a few. It is very beneficial to observe different art techniques and styles. I also advise to follow lessons for one medium at the time, so you don’t get confused.

Once you tried a few mediums go ahead and start getting your very own supplies. Build your studio paint by paint!

understanding the basics of different kinds of paint

Before starting piling up on mediums you need to have a good understanding what each one represents and means. 

There are three main painting mediums: oils, acrylics, and watercolours. 

Oil paints have an oil base, they cannot be mixed with water. Oils  require special brushes that have to be used only for oils and cleansed with special solution after each use. Paint is flammable, cannot be put in a drainer. Oils have a long drying period, we are talking about 6 months, however, it can be shortened with a use of thinners and mediums. Long drying time allows to work with art in a relaxed mode, where you can fix mistakes, put more layers, blend more colour, and so on. Output of oils is considered the best, it is the royalty of all.

Acrylics, have a water base ( most of them). They differ from thin to very paste like thick texture. They don’t require special brushed although it is recommended to use once that were made for its potential. You cannot use oil brushes on acrylics. Acrylic brushes have to be cleaned with water right away after each use, they have to be kept in a water jar through painting session. Once the paint dried on a brush, there is no way of getting it of the brush.  Acrylics have a short drying period. Depends on a thickness of art, it can be dried from 5 minutes to 3 days. Acrylics are by far my favourite. In my opinion, they have  the most ability in creating different texture in art. This feature makes it extremely fun to paint.

Watercolour is pure paint thinned with water. Watercolour requires watercolour brush that is easily cleaned with water. Drying time is short. Watercolours allow to created very interesting and dimensional pieces of art.

With all that said, you should definitely have a good reading and do research about paint. Pay attention to pros and cons ( productive and contrary)  of a painting and its potential before you make a decision which one to choose. Trying all three will give you a good idea what each is made of. Have fun!