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In this article I will give you couple of suggestions on where to buy your first supplies and why…

By now you read about mediums, viewed a couple of YouTube videos, and maybe even subscribed for free lessons from your favorite artist or artists. The list can go on forever. You have done homework and are ready to rock! From now on I will be advising you on acrylics only, as it is the only medium I currently work with. I’ve been working with acrylics for a few years, but it’s still unfolding in front of me in the most surprising ways. I know I am stuck with it for a very long time. 🙂

Back to the supplies dilemma; Art supplies are expensive. Unfortunately this is a dear truth. This fact became a reason for many not to pursue their well hidden and precious art dream. Nobody wants to be a “starving” artist. I completely understand, but I’ll tell you what: “You don’t have to buy expensive and the best acrylics there are…at least for now”. Since you have a lot of practice and exploring to do in terms of learning colour gamma, their behaviour, finding your style, practicing different kinds of working materials as brushes, palette knifes, and whatever else it may be. You can do all in ways that are not as costly.

way #1. Go to your near-by “Buck or Two” store, most of them will have acrylics, canvases, and brushes. Although, I strongly recommend you get better brushes in more specialized store. Good quality brush is 70% of your painting success, in my opinion. Acrylics will not be as thick, but they will do the job for now. Moreover, colour spectrum of acrylics available in those stores is quite wide. Let’s talk about canvas. Choose chip canvas wisely. Look at the frame which should be straight, check if canvas is dented or ripped. Get medium sized and larger. Avoid very small sizes, it will hold back your potential as beginner artist explorer.

way #2. Check all the art craft supplies stores in your area to compare prices. Sign up for weekly/ monthly electronic newsletter for promotions. Go to the store and get a set of brushes for acrylics, once you start working you will see the difference in quality and also will collect more brushes individually upon your art needs. Acrylics – get a level 1 or 2 student artist acrylics. This paint will jump sky high in terms of quality from the once that you saw in the “dollar store”. They will be thick as a paste. I suggest you get prime colours: prime red, yellow, and blue; get titanium white and black.  Also get canvas primer. Getting only prime colours plus some extra will allow you to learn more about the colour spectrum as you will be mixing and creating them all.  Observe if canvas is on sale, get couple of desired size. Most of canvas sold at these stores is a cotton canvas. Large grate would be better quality. When choosing canvas pay attention to its frame as it has to be straight. Canvas must be at least double primed. It has to be well stretched.

way #3. Combination of way #1 way #2. I started with getting student artist quality prime colours and good set of brushes, however, piled up on canvas from Dollar Store.  This way my mistakes were more forgiving.

It is all up to you, whatever way you will choose it will bring you to the next level of artistic growth – creation. Go for it and, most importantly, Have Fun!

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