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lets talk about acrylics…

  Acrylic paint is water based and fast drying. When beginning to work with acrylics, you should try a few different kinds, to be most precise – different quality and consistency acrylics. Why? I really do think that this practice will help you to understand the flow of each acrylic type, its performance, capability, purpose, […]

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thinning acrylics and dark side of the water

To manipulate the texture and the flow of the acrylics you will have to thin them at some point. My recommendation is to use water or mediums to thin the acrylics. Let’s start with water. Here is something important you should know. When using water, the mixing proportion should not exceed 30% ratio – 70% […]

magic of the painting pouring technique

As we briefly discussed methods of thinning acrylics, I thought I’d introduce you to the pouring painting technique. I used this technique to create paintings “Alive”, “Wonderland”, and “Amarantine”.  All can be found in my Facebook gallery that you can access from the home page.  I find the pouring technique fun and most unpredictable. It […]